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Vivaldi & Wilbrandt - A new perspective on Vivaldi´s "Four Seasons" - The Electric V [1990][DF, UL]

Antonio Vivaldi
The Electric V.
Thomas Wilbrandt, conductor (born 1952 in Bielefeld, is a German composer and conductor).
Christopher Warren-Green, solo violin
Raymond Ovens, leader
Andrew Shulman, solo cello
John Constable, harpsichord & organ
Kenneth Smith, flute
Hans Wolgang Dunschede, flutes (autumn)
Gordon Hunt, oboe
Klaus Buhlert, lute Aautumn)
Thomas Hoffmann, timpani (autumn)
Thomas Wilbrandt, Simon Jeffes & Klaus Buhlert, computer music systems, voices, noises & percussion
Audio CD (May 30, 1990)
Label: Decca
Format audio: mp3 + m3u
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Size: 232 MB

Contenido del CD:
01] A - La Primavera
02] B - L'estate
03] C - L'autunno
04] D - L'inverno

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  1. Amigos: ésto les gustara mucho; se los aseguro!

  2. Su blog es fantástico Sr.Varela,confieso que no hay un día qie lo visite y me aspire una bella melodía,gracias..

  3. I have the original vinyl but have not been able to listen to it in years [my turntable died long ago and even my cassette rip is no longer playable]. Every few months I search the blogosphere in vain; until tonight: here it is, at last!! Many thanks for the opportunity to listen to it once again.


  4. Too bad about your record player and I am glad of your encounter with this wonderful version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.