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Parry - Invocation To Music - The Souls Ransom - Lotos-Eaters - Blest Pair of Sirens - I was glad - London Symphony Chorus/London Symphony Orchestra-Bamert [2 CD's][2006][DF, UL]

Sir Charles Hubert H. Parry [1848 - 1918]
David Wilson-Johnson, baritone
Brian Rayner Cook, baritone
Della Jones, Roderick Elms,
Anne Dawson, soprano
Della Jones mezzo-soprano
Arthur Davies, tenor
Brian Rayner Cook, baritone
London Philharmonic Orchestra,
London Symphony Orchestra
London Symphony Chorus
Richard Cooke, choir conductor
Federick Elms, organ
Matthias Bamert,  Richard Hickox, conductor
Composer: Audio CD (March 21, 2006)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Chandos
Format audio: mp3 + m3u
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Contiene: portada, trasera y libreto
Size: 362 MB

Contenido de losCD's:
CD 1:
01] Section 1 Introduction Lento -
02] Section 1 Who can number the sands of sea (Chorus)
03] Section 2 Hear ye this O ye people (Bass)
04] Section 2 We look for light but behold the darkness (Chorus)
05] Section 2 Why are ye so fearful O ye of little faith (Soprano Chorus)
06] Section 3 The hand of the Lord was upon me (Bass Chorus)
07] Section 4 The people that walked in darkness (Soprano)
08] Section 4 See now ye that love the light (Chorus)
09] There is music here that softer falls (Chorus)
10] Why are we weighd upon with heaviness (Chorus)
11] Lo! in the middle of the wood (Soprano)
12] Hateful is the dark-blue sky (Chorus)
13] How sweet it were hearing the downward stream (Soprano)
14] Dear is the memory of our wedded lives (Chorus)
15] But propt on beds of amaranth and moly (Soprano)
16] The Lotos blooms below the barren peak (Chorus Soprano)

CD 2:
01] Blest Pair Of Sirens
02] Introduction - Myriad Voiced Queen! (Chorus)
03] Turn O Return (Chorus Soprano)
04] Thee Fair Poetry Oft Hath Sought (Tenor)
05] The Monstrous Sea (Chorus)
06] Love To Love Calleth (Soprano Tenor)
07] Dirge To Me To Me Fair-Hearted Goddess Come! (Bass)
08] Man Born Of Desire (Chorus)
09] Rejoice Ye Dead Whereer Your Spirits Dwell (Soprano Chorus)
10] O Enter With Me The Gates Of Delight (Soprano Tenor And Bass)
11] Thou O Queen Of Sinless Grace (Chorus)
12] I Was Glad

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