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Bottesini - Messa da Requiem - London Philharmonic Orchestra. Joyful Company Of Singers/Martin - Matheu, Coma-Alabert, Prunell-Friend, Martinez-Castignani [2013]

Giovanni Bottesini (1821 - 1889)
Marta Matheu, soprano
Gemma Coma-Alabert, mezzo-soprano
Agustin Prunell-Friend, tenor
Enric Martinez-Castignani, baritone
Joyful Company Of Singers
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Thomas Martin,  conductor
Audio CD (28 Jan 2013)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Naxos
Format audio: mp3 + m3u
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Album booklet: yes
Size: 156 MB

Contenido del CD:
01] Introit Requiem Aeternam - Kyrie (Solo Quartet Chorus)
02] Sequence Dies Irae (Chorus)
03] Sequence Quid Sum Miser (Tenor)
04] Sequence Quaerens Me (Chorus)
05] Sequence Ingemisco (Bass)
06] Sequence Confutatis (Solo Quartet Chorus)
07] Sequence Lacrymosa (Solo Quartet Chorus)
08] Offertory Domine Jesu (Soprano)
09] Sanctus (Chorus)
10] Benedictus (Solo Quartet)
11] Agnus Dei Agnus Dei (Soprano Alto)
12] Agnus Dei Requiem Aeternam (Chorus)
13] Agnus Dei Libera Me (Alto Chorus)
14] Agnus Dei Dies Illa (Solo Quartet Chorus)

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  2. Thank you so much Carlos, a wonderful Requiem and a big surprise to hear church music from a composer only known for Double Bass music....I just love the dignity of the work and the holy mood it spreads...THanks again!!

  3. Thanks Jan for your comment. Giovanni Bottesini was not only among the most famous double bass players of his time, but was also a conductor of some distinction and a composer. He conducted the first performance of Verdi's opera Aida in Cairo in 1871 and won success with some, at least, of his own ten operas. Known to some as the Paganini of the double bass, he significantly extended the technical possibilities of the instrument.
    He was also a composer of operas. Some of the operas he composed:
    Ali Baba.
    Ero e Leandro.
    Cristoforo Colombo.
    Il diavolo della notte.


  4. Dear Carlos
    Thanks for this info....The value of your blog is priceless. It is so important to give composers like Bottesini a voice to get known better the world. Most people think that those composers like him are small bushes that only exist in the shade of forest trees of "big" composers (like Beethoven, Mozart) and are unaware about what they lose when they ignore those bushes in the forest who have the most beautiful flowers!!! Thanks to you we are allowed to just get this wonderful experience. Please never get tired to keep brightening the days of those who care, because you are making the world a better place...every day!!
    Thanks for these wonderful moments and all the work (and surely sometimes frustrations)you put in for us,

    1. Thank you very much, Jan for your beautiful words, this stimulates, encourages and reinforces fundamental objective lel "Blog". This is to introduce classical music to everyone.

      Greetings and have a nice day

  5. Muchas gracias por este excepcional aporte que engradece la obra musical de Giovanni Bottesini. Qué delicia poder disfrutar de esta mùsica!! Gracias!!