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Morricone - The Best World Instrumental Hits - Ennio Morricone [2 CD's][2009]

Ennio Morricone
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: CD
Format audio: mp3 + m3u + cue
Albun booklet: yes
BitRate: 320 kbps
Size: 355 MB

Contenido de los CD's:

CD 1:

01] A Fistful Of Dollars Main Title ( 'a Fistful Of Dollars')
02] Theme  ( 'a Fistful Of Dollars')
03] A Pistol For Ringo ('a Pistol For Ringo')
04] Sixty Seconds To What  ('for A Few Dollars More')
05] For A Few Dollars More ('for A Few Dollars More')
06] Navajo Joe  Main Title ( 'navajo Joe')
07] The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Main Title ( 'the Good, The Bad And The Ugly')
08] The Ecstacy Of Gold ('the Good, The Bad And The Ugly')
09] Algiers November 1, 1954 ('the Battle Of Algiers'
10] Ad Ogni Costo ('grand Slam'
11] The Garden Of Delights  ('the Garden Of Delights')
12] The Big Gundown ('the Big Gundown')
13] Love Theme  ( 'guns For San Sebastian')
14] Man With A Harmonica ('once Upon A Time In The West')
15] Farewell To Cheyenne ('once Upon A Time In The West')
16] Once Upon A Time In The West ('once Upon A Time In The West')
17] Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion  Main Title ('investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion')
18] Citta Violenta  ('the Family')
19] Duck, You Sucker Main Title (From 'duck You Sucker')
20] Without Apparent Motive ('without Apparent Motive')
21] My Name Is Nobody ( 'my Name Is Nobody')
22] Moses Theme (Main Title) (From 'moses The Lawgiver')
23] Gli Scatenati (From 'the Cat')
24] Il Gatto (From 'the Cat')
25] Robodog (From 'the Humanoid')
26] Cavallina A Cavallo (From 'dedicated To The Aegean Sea')

CD 2:

01] Chi Mai ( 'le Professionnel' )
02] Cockeye's Song (From 'once Upon A Time In America')
03] Le Vent, Le Cri ( 'le Professionnel' )
04] Bye Bye Colonel (From 'for A Few Dollars More')
05] La Tragedia Di Un Uomo Ridicolo (From 'tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man')
06] Orient Express ( 'orient Express' )
07] Once Upon A Time In Revolution ( 'a Fistful Of Dynamite' )
08] Dimenticare Palermo ( 'dimenticare Palermo' )
09] Mille Ecchi ( 'la Piovra')
10] Ricatto ( 'la Piovra')
11] Strana Bambina ( 'la Piovra')
12] Gabriel's Oboe ( 'the Mission' )
13] Al Capone ( 'the Untouchables')
14] The Untouchables ( 'the Untouchables')
15] Death Theme ('the Untouchables')
16] Silent Of Love ( 'the Great Silence' )
17] La Califfa ( 'la Califfa' )
18] Mercenario  ( 'the Mercenary' )
19] Tepepa ( 'tepepa' )
20] The Sicilian Clan ( 'the Sicilian Clan')
21] From American Sex Appeal To The First Fellini ( 'cinema Paradiso')
22] Frantic ( 'frantic')
23] Act Of Faith ( 'bugsy')

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