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Children's Cello - Steven Isserlis, Stephen Hough [2006]

Steven Isserlis, cello
Stephen Hough, piano
Original Release Date: 1 April 2006
Label: BIS
Total Length: 1:20:59
Format audio: mp3 + m3u
Audio Quality: Very High (lossy)
Bit Rate: Constante Bit Rate 320 kbps
Size: 191 MB

Contenido del CD:

01] Ludwig Lebell: Berceuse Orientale
02] Sheila Nelson: Mad as a Hatter
03] Alfred Earnshaw: Tarantella
04] Joachim Stutchewsky: Kinnereth
05] Joachim Stutchewsky: Wanderer's Song
06] Adam Carse: A Merry Dance
07] Francis Purcell Warren: A Sunday evening in Autumn
08] Francis Purcell Warren: Cradle Song
09] John Graves: The Swans Glide on the Bishop's Palace Moat
10] William Henry Squire: Danse Rustique
11] Luigi Boccherini: Minuet
12] Gavin Bryars: With Miriam by the River
13] Arnold Trowell: Gavotte
14] Jean Sibelius: Lulu Waltz
15] George Dyson: Melody
16] Frank Bridge: Spring Song
17] Amy Beach: Berceuse
18] Gabriel Prosper Marie: La Cinquantaine
19] Georg Goltermann: La Foi
20] Francis Poulenc: Serenade
21] Joseph Tuby: Serenade
22] Gabriel Faure: Berceuse
23] David Popper: Gavotte, Op.23
24] Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Song Without Words, Op.109
25] Gaspar Cassado: Requiebros
26] Howard Blake: Archangel's Lullaby
27] Olli Mustonen: Frogs Dancing on Water-Lillies
28] Stephen Hough: Angelic Song
29] Stephen Hough: Angelic Dance
30] Steven Isserlis: The Haunted House

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