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Jacques Loussier Plays Bach: The 50th Anniversary Recording [2009]

J.S. Bach
Jacques Loussier Trio
Jacques Loussier, piano
Vincent Charbonnier, Bass
André Arpino, Drums
Original Release Date: April 28, 2009
Label: Telarc
Total Length: 52:52
Format audio: mp3 + m3u
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Size: 130 MB

Contenido del CD:
01] Partita In E Major
02] Invention For Two Voices
03] Silciliana In G Minor
04] Vivace From Concerto In C Minor
05] Toccata And Fuge In C Minor  Overture
06] Toccata And Fuge In C Minor Adagio
07] Toccata And Fuge In C Minor Fuge
08] Minuet In G Major
09] Prelude No 2 In C Minor
10] Chrommatic Fantasy
11] Chorale No 1 Sleepers Awake

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