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Hoffmeister - Sonatas for Piano, Vol. 1 - Biliana Tzinlikova [2014]

Franz Anton Hoffmeister (5/12/1754-2/09/1812) is associated with composers such as Haydn and Mozart through his involvement in Viennese music publishing. His Piano Sonatas are models of 18th-century craftsmanship, combining the wit and display demanded of contemporary audiences with elements of operatic drama and poignancy. The Variations explore the dramatic possibilities of the keyboard, reflecting the Vienna of early Beethoven. Born in Rothenburg am Neckar, Franz Anton Hoffmeister went to Vienna to study law, leaving in 1778 to serve as Kapellmeister to a nobleman in Hungary. By 1784 he was back in Vienna, where he set up a music publishing business, establishing a close association with Mozart. In 1795 he signed much of his business over to Artaria. In 1800 he started another publishing enterprise with the Leipzig organist Ambrosius Kühnel, a business which later was taken over by C.F. Peters. Hoffmeister left Leipzig and returned to Vienna in 1805. He published works by many of his contemporaries.

Biliana Tzinlikova. piano
Period: Classical (1750-1830)
Original Release Date: October, 2014
Label: Grand Piano
Total Length: 1:08:40
Format audio: mp3 + m3u
Audio Quality: Very High (lossy)
Bit Rate: Constante Bit Rate 256 kbps
Size: 135 MB

Contenido del CD:
01] Keyboard Sonata in A Major - I. Allegro
02] Keyboard Sonata in A Major - II. Adagio
03] Keyboard Sonata in A Major - III. Presto
04] Keyboard Sonata in B-Flat Major - I. Allegro con Spirito
05] Keyboard Sonata in B-Flat Major - II. Adagio
06] Keyboard Sonata in B-Flat Major - III. Presto
07] Keyboard Sonata in G Major - I. Allegro
08] Keyboard Sonata in G Major - II. Poco Adagio
09] Keyboard Sonata in G Major - III. Rondo
10] Variations for Keyboard in C Major

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