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Macek - Complete Piano Music • Sonata for Violin and Piano - Goran Filipec, Silvia Mazzon [2014]

Ivo Macek (1914–2002)
Goran Filipec, piano
Silvia Mazzon, violin
Audio CD (3 Nov 2014)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Grand Piano
Format audio: mp3 + m3u
Audio Quality: Very High (lossy)
Bit Rate: Constante Bit Rate 256 kbps
Size: 118 MB

Contenido del CD:
01] Piano Sonatina - I. Animato
02] Piano Sonatina - II. Amabile
03] Piano Sonatina - III. Vivo e giocoso
04] Theme and Variations
05] Improvisation
06] Intermezzo
07] Prelude and Toccata - Prelude
08] Prelude and Toccata - Toccata
09] Piano Sonata - I. Maestoso ma con moto
10] Piano Sonata - II. Comodo: Allegro vivace
11] Violin Sonata - I. Con moto
12] Violin Sonata - II. Allegro deciso

Among the artists who were to make their mark on the music scene in Yugoslavia during the mid-twentieth century, Ivo Macek occupies a significant place. Born in Sušak (now Croatia) on 24 March 1914, he trained at the Classical Gymnasium and also at the Music Academy in Zagreb. After graduation in 1934, he studied piano with Svetislav Stancic in Zagreb and composition with Jean Roger-Ducasse in Paris. Having taught at the Lisinki Music School in Zagreb and also holding the post of secretary at the Zagreb Opera, he quickly established himself as a pianist both in concert and in recital, giving performances across Yugoslavia and abroad—appearing with various established artists (such as the cellist Antonio Janigro and the cellist and conductor Enrico Mainardi) then, along with the cellist Mirko Dorner, winning the International Competition for Duo Performance at Vercelli in 1952. He had been the recipient of of a federal Government Award in 1948 and went on to win the Milka Trnina Award for concert performance in 1957–8, underlining his success both as performer and pedagogue.

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